Hill Head Bus Timetable - Service Number 21/21A

Hill Head's bus service to Fareham is No.21/21A. Its route map is here. The timetables for Monday to Friday and for Saturday are here. The service does not run on Sundays.
The X5 Service runs from Gosport via Fareham and Stubbington to Southampton. It is linked with the X4 Service that runs from Portsmouth to Southampton via Fareham. The X5 and X4 route map is here. The 3 timetables for Monday to Friday, Saturdays and Sundays are here
The route maps and timetables for all First Group bus services in Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport are here
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Fareham Dial a Ride Service
Dial-a-Ride is an easy access, door-to-door transport service using specially adapted vehicles, equipped to carry passengers with or without wheelchairs. All vehicles are fully accessible with a lift.
Dial-a-Ride can be used by Residents of the boroughs of Gosport and Fareham who have difficulty or discomfort in using public transport for any reason.
The reason can be long or short-term.
Dial-a-Ride trips can be used to go to visit friends or relatives, to go the shops, theatre, library, hairdressers, swimming, bingo, youth clubs etc.
The service will take you where you want to go as long it is within the boroughs of Gosport and Fareham.
Dial-a-ride trips run from 9:00 am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.
If you can be flexible about when you travel, it makes good use of the service.
You can book up to two trips a week.
For Full Information about Fareham Dial a Ride click here

Fareham Shop Mobility Service (and Carers & Disability Centre)
The centre combines a Shopmobility service with a Carers & Disability centre.
An Information Point is also provided within Fareham Shopping Centre.
The Fareham Shopmobility service provides mobility scooters, electric and manual wheelchairs to people with limited mobility, enabling them to access Fareham town centre and shop independently.
You do not have to be registered Disabled or have a long-term condition in order to take advantage of this service.
Equipment for long-term loans for holidays or trips is also available for hire.
For Full Information about Fareham Shopmobility Click here
Those passengers who use the Shopmobility service but have difficulties getting there will shortly be able to use the new ‘Collect ‘n’ Scoot’ service which picks passengers up from their home and takes them to Fareham Shopmobility where a scooter or powerchair will be waiting for them. They will be returned home afterwards.
For more information about this service, please call Community Action Fareham on 01329 282929.

Stubbington and Hill Head Voluntary Care Group
Volunteers take those needing transport to their doctor, dentist, hospital etc. Customers only pay a mileage fee.
There are also volunteers who visit the housebound or lonely for a friendly chat.
For details about the Stubbington & Hill Head Voluntary Care Group: Tel 07074 775112.

For all these services please remember that the people who most need them may well not be on line and that you therefore are in a position to help them link up with the appropriate service.