Current business

8 May

Coronavirus. Latest weekly figures: new cases in Hill Head less than 2, below national average; Stubbington less than 2, down, now also below average; Fareham overall 9, down, below average. Fareham deaths, sadly 1 but thankfully down. Overall admissions to QA also down.

Crime. The police have told us that a man with a white van has been knocking on doors locally saying that he is from Amazon and asking where you prefer to have parcels left. If you experience such a call, or any other suspicious call, then ring the police on 101 immediately.

Police. Some 220 new recruits have joined Hampshire Constabulary in the past year.

Car Parks. New regulations are scheduled to apply from 1 June for Monks Hill, Salterns, HH Sailing Club and Meon Shore car parks. They will be similar to those applying currently but an essential difference is that from that date they will be legally enforceable. Also of particular interest, we expect that overnight camping will not be permitted. FBC intends to enforce those regulations as effectively as possible within manpower limitations. Parking charges will apply as soon as the machinery can be installed; date not yet known. In response to the recent consultation, many people, including HHRA, have made the point that regulation enforcement and new charges are likely to result in an increase in adjacent on-road parking, so that a joined-up approach by both FBC and the County Council will be absolutely essential.

Recycling. We have had some queries about what can go in our blue-topped bins. In Fareham, the following can go out for recycling: clean paper and cardboard, plastic bottles (if it is not shaped like a bottle it should not be recycled, so tubs and cartons including those of plasticised cardboard cannot be taken), tins/cans and aerosols. Polystyrene cannot be taken. The full details are on the website - Fareham Borough Council - Recycling - What Can I Recycle? Glass can be deposited in the appropriate bins; as most will know, our local collection point is in the Crofton Community Centre car park by the Library.

Other Scams. Fake notifications from "Royal Mail" and others continue - failure to deliver a parcel, please pay £2.99 for redelivery (probably rather more then £2.99 when they obtain your account details!) "You have won an Amazon reward." Fake awards from supermarkets etc too.

Local Election Results. For those who have not yet seen them - County Council: Crofton Division - Pal Hayre re-elected. Fareham Borough Council: Hill Head - Kay Mandry re-elected; Stubbington - Pal Hayre elected.

Subscriptions Just 34 still owing: if you are not sure if you have paid since January 2021, please email and Pamela will check and let you know. The subscription is £3 per household, cash or cheque payable to Hill Head Residents' Association which can be delivered to either 41 Knights Bank Road PO14 3HZ or 6 Monks Way PO14 3LU. Pamela and Lynne our Treasurer would love to get this completed for the year, so if you are in any doubt about whether you have paid, please do check via the email above. If you haven't, we shall be delighted to receive your £3!

2 May

Coronavirus. Latest weekly figures. Hill Head new cases less than 2, below national average; Stubbington 4, up and above national average; Fareham overall 21, up but below national average. Fareham deaths, sadly up, at 3. There has also been a rise in local hospital admissions. Although this is only a snapshot in time and the general trend is still level or down, it shows that there is absolutely no room for complacency as we ease out of lockdown.

Crime. At least three local residents have just had their cars broken into and some items stolen. Do ensure that cars are always kept locked, even on your driveways, and very importantly, any valuables out of sight.

Shellfish pickers are back! First of all, many thanks to one of our members who advises that what are being gathered are believed to be Manila clams. A reminder that the numbers to ring are FBC Environmental Health on 01329 236100 ext 2401 or 07770 227155 and/or Police on 101 - the FBC numbers are more likely to produce a response. If it is possible for you to note car details (make, model, colour and registration) without putting yourself at any risk, please do so and pass that on.

Phaeocystis It is that time of year when the seawater tends to take on a rather unappealing orange or brown hue, possibly with foam and suspicious looking bits floating in it. You could be forgiven for fearing the worst, but no - it is nothing to do with Southern Water and Peel Common.Yours Sincerely David Dawson Taylor It is phaeocystis, which is a widespread marine plankton: it tends to be visible in these waters during early summer, but is not harmful. If that proves to be wrong, you will be informed by Pamela and our other swimming canaries.

Scams. Fake iPad and Dyson wins are now joined by Samsung mobile phones. Bitcoin scams seem to be in vogue again, also scam awards purporting to be from supermarkets, Argos and others. Fake re-delivery fees requests from postal/courier services is another. Authentic-looking notification that seems likely to be a scam - that your Amazon Prime payment cannot be taken, need to update payment details.

Finally on a more cheerful note - many will have seen the nice drawing by mystery graffiti artist Hen Dog on the east wall of The Shack.

4 April

Covid. Latest weekly infection figures for the past two weeks: Hill Head - 2 then 3, but below national average. Stubbington - 3 then 3, below average. Fareham overall - 30, down on previous week, then up to 37 but now falling again, below average. Fareham overall deaths - sadly 3 but then down to 2. Well over 70% aged 18 or over in Hill Head have received at least a first vaccination, well above the national rate.

Reminder - Anyone over 50 who has not yet had or does not have an appointment for their first vaccination is urged to book without delay.

Fareham BC has opened a special helpline for business owners to help them find any support grants for which they may still be eligible during the pandemic. Further information on 01329 824430.

Reminder - employees unable to work from home can book a Covid rapid community test (at least 24 hours ahead) at Fareham College. Information is available on FBC's website under Latest Covid-19 Advice or, if unable to book online, call 01329 824399. Anyone who has Covid symptoms must NOT use that system but instead use or call 119.

"Roadmap" Out of Lockdown A reminder of the key points - though subject to change

Since 29 March - outdoor gatherings (including private gardens) of either 6 people or 2 households; outdoor sports facilities open and participation in formally organised outdoor sports.

From 12 April - opening non-essential retail, hairdressers, beauty salons, indoor leisure facilities, outdoor leisure venues, camp sites, self-contained holiday accommodation, outdoor hospitality venues; weddings up to 15 people.

From 17 May - Indoor hospitality, larger performances and sporting events, subject to restrictions; weddings up to 30 people.

From 21 June - All other closed businesses. Government Review of all social distancing measures.

Fareham Local Plan. Public consultation has been delayed because the number of dwellings required by Government to be planned for the Fareham area has reverted back to the previous higher figures; FBC planners are now seeking to identify sufficient additional sites that had been excluded from the most recent draft. This is of course of concern to us all and we will keep you informed.

Consultation on car parking charges for coastal car parks The consultation remains open until this Friday 9 April at Have Your Say, Open Consultations. Thank you to those members who have given us their views and sent us copies of what they have sent to We shall be responding on behalf of HHRA, stressing the areas of common ground between our members: the need for effective liaison between FBC and HCC (as the latter control street parking, where there may be repercussions from any car park charges); the need for clear regulations which prevent overnight camping and the development of the kind of "shanty towns" we saw at Meon Shore and Salterns last year, with attendant rubbish; the need for consistent enforcement of charges and regulations by FBC; and sensible "proportionality" eg not forbidding "eating" in parked vehicles. If you have views, do send them to FBC - they won't know if you don't tell them.

Shellfish Gatherers. They are back! If you do see significant groups of them do please contact FBC on 01329 824773 or 07770 227155 ASAP. If you can note their car registration details without putting yourself at any risk, it is very helpful for FBC to have those.

Old Street/Short Road crossing - Hazard to Pedestrians. As mentioned in the last Update, there is a danger to pedestrians as they have to cross the road at the point where the pavement runs out on the west side just north of the junction with Knights Bank Road, due to overhanging vegetation and obstruction of visibility. Following our urgent requests, Pal Hayre reports that Hampshire officers have responded and confirmed it is their responsibility. The case is with Hampshire Operation Centre and they are in talks with the land owner.

Daedalus Open Space. Just to add to the last IFA2 Update, further car parking will become available in a few months once the water-level problems have been resolved and the remainder of the open space has been handed over to the Council.

Hill Head Harbour. The Sailing Club has asked us to ask if any member has seen anyone dumping shingle up in the very top corner of the harbour. If so, would you kindly let Bill Hutchison know on 01329 663828. Vehicle details would be very important.

Bus Service 21 will revert to the pre-Covid timetable from Monday 12 April. Check with First Bus for new times. Remember that concessionary passes again apply only after 0930.

Cyber Security. How easy would it be for thieves to hack into your email or social media accounts? The most hacked social media accounts are Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. We have been asked to spread this message from Hampshire Police as widely as possible. For advice on how to strengthen the security of your online accounts visit

Scams. A new, sophisticated one - purporting to be from your bank saying that they have been unable to pay your standing order(s) - do not click on anything. Still in operation - the telephone call - from a very plausible "Chris" last week to PW - your loft cladding may be of the type that is causing condensation/damp. Still doing the rounds: car tax unpaid; National Crime Agency - your National Insurance Number has been suspended; text or email from Royal Mail or Hermes - couldn't deliver a parcel - click here etc to rearrange and pay redelivery charge (seemingly modest until they manipulate it!); PW has lost count of the number of Dysons he has won! And lots more.